Thursday, April 11, 2013


How often do we find ourselves looking at the sky -- how many times in a day, a week, a lifetime?  The sky just draws our eye up and out.  In all of its many moods, it seems to fascinate us.

 When I used to work inside an office building, I remember how people were often drawn to the windows; be it someone's office window or the big glass window of a lobby, everyone wanted to see "out" -- see what's going on out there.  Does it look like rain?  Will I have to walk to my car in the rain or drive home in the rain?  Or could those heavy, low-hanging clouds be snow clouds?  Or simply...we know it's a gorgeous day outside and we just long to get a glimpse of that blue sky and sunshine.

I love that the sky appears different in different parts of the world.  The state of Montana is known as "Big Sky Country."  What does that mean?  I think it must mean that the sky looks huge and maybe endless because there aren't a lot of forests or skyscrapers to impede one's view of the sky?  I've read that in New Mexico, the flatness of the desert terrain can stretch miles toward the distant mountain ranges; but the air is so clear and light -- almost weightless -- those mountains can appear much closer to the naked eye -- as if they were easily within walking distance.

Our sky is not so much like that in the Piedmont region of North Carolina.  We have rolling hills and lots of trees, and yes, some skyscrapers.  We also have a Carolina blue sky.  Even though Mr. Forest Manor and most of his family are N.C. State graduates, we still love our Carolina blue sky.  :)

Our Tulip Magnolia tree in March.

Mary at Little Red House has given us a word prompt of sky for today's "Thursday's Inspiration."  I've pulled from some of my photo archives to find sky images to share.

We took some pictures in nearby Old Salem around dusk one evening last year, and we were there long enough to capture the changes in the sky before it was completely dark.

Almost the blue hour below...

What does the sky look like in your part of the world today?

I hope you'll join us at Mary's Little Red House for Thursday's Inspiration.  Mary is such a talented photographer, and you'll see many other talented bloggers there, as well.  Thanks so much for reading House at Forest Manor; I hope you'll leave a comment so I'll know you were here.  Your visits and comments make my day!



  1. Such gorgeous photos of the wonderful blue sky, Denise. xo

  2. Ha ha, we both mentioned carolina blue skies! How could we help but? All your photos were a pleasure to view today.

  3. Beautiful photos and Highlands is on of my favorite places to visit. When I took the photos of my Carolina sky in March , they we're grey because rain was on it's way.

  4. Beautiful blue skies! Your photos are lovely. Have a great day! Pamela

  5. Beautiful photos, and the blue hour produces the neatest effect.

  6. Such wonderful images, Denise. I was especially drawn to the quarter-moon.

    Joining you from LRH.

  7. "Carolina blue" where have I just heard that? Ha! I was visiting Dotsie.

    Beautiful pictures and I can't imagine working in a windowless office. I need to see the sky!

  8. Beautiful blue skies. The magnolia against the blue is perfect for this blossom starved gardener. Take care, Jen

  9. Very pretty! I love the first pic of the cute church:@)

  10. Beautiful photos. And Dotsie explained Carolina blue to me - I had never heard that before! I love church spires and the way they point way, way up to the heavens.

  11. Gorgeous photos! It is a blessings living in NC with rolling hills and our Carolina blue sky! So happy it is warming up so we can enjoy it...

  12. You're right, I've been fascinated with the sky since I was a young girl.

  13. I just looked up, through the skylight to see a sky that is white with clouds. Rain is forecast for today, but we need it, in anticipation of a long, dry summer.

  14. What a wonderful collection of sky shots! I love the church steeples and the magnolia. My magnolia tree is still a long ways from blooming.

  15. What beautiful pictures you've shared, Denise! I loved all of them, but I especially loved the one at the end. There's just something about dusk. XO

  16. Always adore your pictures.

    Yes I agree about dusk, and you sure capture it well.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!



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