Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Note Card Party

Vee at A Haven For Vee is hosting her monthly Note Card Party.  It's always fun to see the pretty and creative photos people have chosen for their "note cards."
This month, I'm doing a selection of four note cards entitled "Jan Karon's Mitford."  The photographs previously appeared in these two posts:  "Finding Mitford" and Finding Mitford, Part 2.

 "The Lord's Chapel" 

"Baxter Park" 

"The Offering"  

"Sadie Baxter's Home, Fernbank" 

Jan Karon's fictional town of Mitford is based on the town of Blowing Rock, where the author was living when she first began writing this series.  The Episcopal Church in the first photo is actually St. Mary of the Hills Episcopal Church, but it is so obviously The Lord's Chapel from Mitford.  The statue entitled "The Offering" depicting the Virgin offering her son to the world, is located in the Mary Garden beyond the east church wall.  Baxter Park is actually the Town of Blowing Rock Memorial Park.

The final note card I have titled "Sadie Baxter's Home, Fernbank."  This is purely speculation on my part, but if you've read these books, you might agree this house really fits the description of Fernbank.  This house is not actually located in the town of Blowing Rock, as are the other places I've shown.  It's just a couple of miles away, right off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The house is called Flat Top Manor, and it's in Moses H. Cone Memorial Park.  You can read more about Flat Top Manor Here.

I had so much fun searching for all these places when I was reading Jan Karon's Mitford series.  To this day, "Finding Mitford" is still my all-time most viewed post.

Thank you all for visiting my blog and I really love when you take time to leave a comment.  :)  I'm always honored that you read my posts.  I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the beautiful September weather!



  1. These photos are all wonderful and it is just so cool that these places actually exist. I suppose that makes it a lot easier for a writer in many ways. I love Mitford so I know that I would love Blowing Rock. Thank you for doing the sleuthing. I remember tbe post you mention fondly.

  2. Beautiful photos, Denise, they would make beautiful cards. xo

  3. All great photos and what a magnificent home! Beautiful:@)

  4. beautiful picks. really enjoy the american flag shot. (:

  5. Wonderful photos. I love the Mitford series and it's fun to think that Jan Karon based her stories on real places.

  6. I loved Jan Karon's Mitford series! Your picks for notecards are beautiful.
    Thanks so much for stopping by, Mary Alice

  7. This is a nice selection and it makes me want to visit there too!

  8. I loved the Mitford series, too! Thanks for the correlation between Mitford and Blowing Rock. I will have to make a trip there someday!

  9. I love the note card party idea - so creative! Your photos are lovely, Denise :)

  10. Oh Mitford! My favorite series of all time. I just love "The Offering" image. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Wonderful Denise! I think you nailed Sadie Baxter's Home perfectly!

  12. Well phooey patooey I missed the notecard party. Wouldn't you think I could have at least remembered to do that? Nope.

    Your choices are wonderful,and I love the whole theme you picked. I haven't read those books, but my mother has and loved them. I hope she saw this. I'll have to ask her. She often clicks down my blog list.

    Just visiting and playing catch up!

  13. I love Jan Karon! Her Mitford series is wonderful! I also wanted to tell you how much I am inspired by all your table scapes! You have the best ideas!


  14. Hi Denise,
    Your photos are lovely! I love the home.

  15. The pictures you have posted as Sadies house aren't the same as the Hallmark rendition I have on a Christmas card. Do you know where Hallmark got their version? I received the card a few years ago and knew right away I'd seen that house before. I love house "figurines" and I had found that very house years earlier for sale at a Hallmark store. Though I knew nothing of the story behind it I bought it because it is a dream house.



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