Monday, May 21, 2012

Kitchen Update for Met Monday

Hi everyone -- hope you all enjoyed this beautiful weekend weather!  I'm joining Susan this week at Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday.

More progress was made on our kitchen re-model this week, so I thought I'd share some pictures with you.  Our contractors were able to put in four good days of work this week with some nice results by the end of the weekend.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, all the backsplash tile was put up.  Our 40-year old outlets were replaced with fresh, white outlets.  We gained an extra outlet in the process, which will certainly come in handy.  In addition, two new switches were added for new under cabinet lighting on either side of the work area.  All switches and outlets received new, white covers.  It all looks so fresh and clean.  :)  Also, our new under cabinet lights were installed.

Our new stove was delivered on Tuesday, and was put into place today.  It will have to be pulled out again next weekend in order for Tim to do a few more things, but in the meantime, I can try out my new stove, and we can have some home-cooked meals this week.  Tim did lots of painting yesterday and today.  All the cabinet faces and sides have at least one coat of paint, the soffit was painted, and the molding and trim work on that side of the kitchen have been painted.  Good news -- we love the new cabinet color.  I definitely think Sherwin Williams Dover White is a winner!

Here are the latest pictures.  Things are still in a bit of a mess, and the lighting wasn't the best, but you can get an idea of what things will look like.

The color of our tile is Matte Biscuit.  We love the matte finish; it makes for a nice change from the shiny tiles we had before.

The backsplash has a hazy covering of dust from the application of the grout.  They recommended I not try to clean it off for about a week so that the grout has plenty of time to set and dry nicely.  The flowers on the decorative tiles will look brighter once everything has been cleaned.

The grout color is Linen, and it blends really well with the color of the tiles.

The corner cabinet has been repainted with the new cabinet color.  It still looks somewhat darker than the other cabinets, but we've decided it's because there's not much light in that corner, and the refrigerator throws a shadow on that area.  A single run of backsplash tile was added above this cabinet as well, which really makes it tie in with the rest of the cabinets.

We decided to paint the soffit above the cabinets the same yellow as the rest of the walls.  We love the way it turned out.

  We hope to have the new cabinet doors hung and all new hardware on doors and drawers next week.  The last things to be done will be replacing the door to the dining room, painting the door to the carport, installing my new shelves above the corner cabinet, and painting our island table.  Slowly, but surely, we're getting there.

Have you been working on any projects at your house this weekend?  Thanks so much for stopping by; I always enjoy your visits!



  1. This is great and probably hasn't been easy; we just re-did our kitchen counters and neat and tidy as the guys were, it was still pretty messy. This look fabulous and love the color choices. Can't wait to see the entire kitchen all done!!

  2. Looking great! I am so envious of all your cabinets and drawers. I know you are ready for it to be finished but I am so glad you are liking everything.

    Look forward to the finished reveal!

  3. Your kitchen is beautiful. I love the color and the granite and the tile. We did a total kitchen remodel in the old house and had to leave my granite counter tops behind when we moved. There may be another kitchen redo in my future. You will love your granite and the new look.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments, Denise and especially for becoming a follower. Yes. You will be thrilled with you new kitchen. You will want to keep it spotless. Elinore and Nathan are cousins and yes, they are my precious little grandchildren. Are you finding that your remodel project is taking twice as long as you planned? At least you have running water and your stove, so you are in business. See you soon.

  5. Your kitchen is coming along beautifully...I am sure you cannot wait until it is all done....and I cannot wait for the final reveal!!

  6. Hi Denise
    You wouldn't like to swap kitchens would you?! Love the new look and it's coming on a treat :o)
    Thank you for your sweet comments, and to answer your question yes, the blue flowers are forget-me-nots. When we moved here 34 years ago I purchased a packet of seeds and have been surrounded each spring with their sweet little blooms ever since!
    I have then in the back garden too. They're a small gardens but I try to pack a lot in them, and this time of year is probably my favourite.

    Best wishes
    Rose H

  7. It's looking good. Love the edge on your countertop as well. Thanks for sharing, liz

  8. Everything is coming together nicely. It was hard to tell, but your granite really looks similar to what we have in our kitchen. I LOVE IT.

  9. Hi Denise~ Everything looks wonderful! I'm one of those strange people that loves the way fresh paint smells :) I know you'll be glad when everything is complete. We did a kitchen renovation at the lake about 5 years ago replacing 20 year old cabinets, appliances, flooring and painting, not fun but definitely worth it! Wishing you a Happy Anniversary~ hope you have a wonderful celebration :)

  10. Woohooo! I'm glad I got home in time to see this update. I love it all! If I didn't have to deal with ugly butt black appliances, that is exactly what I would want my kitchen to look like. As it is, imagine that beautiful countertop and cabinets with ugly butt black, and you would still have the kitchen that lives in my head. I love a matte finish, too.

    You have done a wonderful job!

    1. Thanks so much, Debbie. :-) Did you know that you can have appliances painted? I had heard that years ago, but I forgot about it until the man who is doing our cabinets and backsplash reminded me. He said he had his refrigerator painted because the sides had gotten some rusted places on them; he said it looked like new after it was painted and it's lasted for years. Unless you want stainless steel appliances, you could consider that. We're planning on keeping our fridge and dishwasher as long as possible.

  11. We have a small kitchen and we started our remodel Aug. 2012. We gutted the kitchen and we had the contractor mud the ugly walls and we painted. We had the electrician come in and he put in the wiring for the dishwasher and 3 can lights one on each area of counter space; which is small. We purchased solid wood cabinets from Home depot in Maple Cognac, the cabinets have been inspected. To install they will begin Oct.1. My husband took the dishwasher after over a month with dishes done outside with the old sink and hooked the dishwasher up and pushed the drain hose into the drain out pipe. So I now have indoor dish washing. No sink , counters, cabinets. I do have the stove and refreg. in the kitchen after we had new vinyl put down. The granite we purchased through a local company used by home depot. Oct. 8th is the blue print day if all goes well with cabinets. And granite installation Oct. 18th./
    After that the carpet guy comes and puts carpet in the dn.rm.,lv.rm. and hall. Our 1100 sq ft 50 yr. old house we be updated except my little office it the last to be done. So when I see web pages with kitchen remodels I can relate and feel for you. It has been stressful with all the stuff in the house! But it will be great when it is done! thanks

  12. I like your blue little light, did you think maybe some where on your larger granite couter top there would be a place to put it. Your eye would go from there around the kitchen and over to your microwave cabinet/cookbooks. I think a Sconce on the side wall by the wood shelves on the corner microwave cabinet would look fantastic. Have your husband or electrician run the wiring down to the white electrical plate and put a switch dimmer and outlet combination in. It would really give a Wow to your kitchen.



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