Thursday, March 29, 2012

Old Salem at Dusk

Hi everyone!  Are you enjoying these pretty spring days?  It sounds like some folks are getting late snows in their part of the country -- I hope it melts quickly for you.

I want to share some images of Old Salem with you.  I wrote about this historic area of our town last summer, which you can read about HERE and HERE.  Yesterday, hubby and I took some pictures there as twilight was falling.  We hadn't exactly planned it that way, but by the time we ate dinner and got to Old Salem, it was almost dusk.

This time around, we mainly took pictures of the church and the college.  The first photos are of  Home Moravian Church.  The church was built in 1799 and dedicated in 1800.


It was still fairly light outside when these first pictures were taken.

Salem Academy and Salem College are adjacent to the church.

The next three pictures were taken by the professional photographer in the family. :)

With all the content theft we're seeing in blogland these days, I made sure to ask permission of Mr. Forest Manor before I put my watermark on his photos and used them in my blog.  ;)  In all seriousness, he puts a lot of effort into his photos, and he's always generous about sharing them with me for use in my blog.  But I still think it's only fair to give him credit for his work.  I'm not sure how effective it is to put watermarks on our pictures, since some people don't have any compunction about just cropping them off when they swipe your photos.  Sigh. 

The rest of these pics were taken by Yours Truly.  The building to the left in the next picture houses Salem College Bookstore and administrative offices for the school.

I can't resist a pretty fence, don't you know. ;)

or a pretty rock wall...

The Boys School above, and the grassy area behind it.

Below is the cornerstone of the large entrance hall of the college.

This next group of pictures was taken in a courtyard between the college buildings.  You could hear the trickle of the fountain, and the grass looked like green velvet.

A porch on the back of one of the residence halls...

...and a wisteria-covered arbor with white fairy lights.

This picture was taken looking from the courtyard back out to the street and Salem Square.  It almost looks like the blue hour.

Below, you see the chimneys of the Single Brothers House outlined against the pink and gold of sunset.

Darkness has fallen -- time to go home.  This really is the most peaceful place, and I love to visit every chance I get.  Thanks for taking the tour with me; I always appreciate your visits.



  1. Oh Denise, how amazing. I feel like I just took that with you two!

    WOW- it is a magical place and you both have captured it perfectly!

    The courtyard and that Wisteria covered arbour - wow - and the new moon just took my breath away.

    Well done, ma'am!

    1. Thank you Michele! I took those pics of the moon with the point and shoot camera. Poor little thing, it's just not quite powerful enough to keep up when the light fades. But it didn't do too badly. In a few days, I'll show the pics my husband took -- they're really good.

  2. This is exactly the kind of place that I love to visit. I just feel at home in places like that for some reason. The sound of the fountain would be the icing on the cake.

    And his photos are wonderful. I would love to have that talent.

    I didn't realize there are photo thefts in blogland. Not that anyone would swipe one of my point and clicks, but I guess I need to learn this water mark thingie. I have no clue at all.

    1. I love these kind of places, too. Honestly, I feel like I've stepped back 200 years every time I go there (well except for the cars and the college co-eds) :) Most of those pictures were taken by me with my little point and shoot, and your pictures are always good. On the subject of photo thefts -- you need to read Yvonne at Stone Gables's post from yesterday and the comments from other bloggers. It's a bit disheartening.

  3. I enjoyed seeing this wonderful places through the eyes of others- via photos.

    My grandmother went to school there when it was still an all girls college.

    I hestitated many times to tell folks about others being able to simply crop the watermark off photos- as I felt I would be taking away their //though false// sense of security lol... but now that you've said it- YES very easy to do in a matter of seconds..
    I think we'll all have to accept that once we post on the world wide web, things no longer belong to us if someone chooses to take it- sigh:(

    The azaleas are already blooming this year and that to me is when Salem is at its most beautiful..
    thanks so much for taking us on this tour with you.

  4. Thank you Sonny; I'm glad you enjoyed the tour! You're very right about posting on the world-wide web. It's sad but true. We took a Photoshop class back in the winter, and our teacher pretty much said the same thing. One option is to put your watermark right across the center of the picture, but I just don't have the heart to do that. Maybe one day I will. My photos are not professional quality, but I still wouldn't appreciate someone else taking them without asking or failing to give me credit for my work.

    How neat that your grandmother went to Salem College! I have a good friend who went there, as well.

  5. Denise, the shots of the moon are wonderful! I think photographs at dusk give everything a different perspective. Interesting time of day to take photos. I would love to visit this place one day. xo

  6. I love Old Salem...especially the bakery!!...I am truly i love with Williamsburg and feel Old Salem is a mini Williamsburg of sorts...a truly interesting place..Thank you for featuring this and your wonderful photos.

  7. I love Old Salem. Thanks for sharing more photos. I would love to be able to go more often. Beautiful shots.



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