Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where Do I Keep It All?

This will probably be one of my shorter posts:)  I am sharing a few of the places I store my dishes, accessories, and tablescaping "stuff".  The other places are still a work in progress, and will have to wait until next year.  The posts I've seen so far are really amazing.  I was feeling guilty about having a lot of stuff, but now I feel much better!  I don't have so much "stuff" after all;) 

Many of our nicer things we actually received as wedding gifts when we got married 24 years ago, and over the years our families have given us some wonderful linens and heirloom pieces.  But in the winter of 2010, I really got the tablescaping bug.  I discovered some of your wonderful blogs online, and I looked at them for many months before I tried to set up my own blog.  My husband offered to help me set one up, but still I put it off.  Then this winter, I decided to take the plunge.  Mr. Forest Manor and I had some "animated discussions" as he likes to call them, because I wanted to understand how to do everything on the blog (the technical and creative aspects) immediately.  He works with computers every day all day at his job, and I am no stranger to them myself.  I've been typing since I was 12 years old, and worked with computer applications in my previous jobs.  But actually, neither of us had ever blogged before, and so the initial setup and design was the most difficult part.

Anyway, I digress.  I actually started buying odds and ends for tablescaping over a year ago (before I had my own blog), and guess where I stored most of them?  You guessed it -- I stored them in the bags they came in.  How ingenious, right?  Well, last fall, we inherited another china cabinet of sorts, a corner cupboard that I really love!  A new storage place that looks so much better than department store bags and boxes.  Plus during that time, I was slowly making a place for those new items in some of our existing storage spots.  After all, I had no idea we would be getting a nice corner cupboard, and even I couldn't leave things in bags forever.

So, I'll start with the corner cupboard.  In the top section are four place settings of Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles, along with some silver pieces, pink goblets, crystal coasters and a candy dish.

In the bottom section are some odds and ends:  more serving pieces for the Bavarian china, silverware caddies, and a few silver pieces.

In this plastic storage bin are my Easter decorations .

This under-the-bed storage bin has wheels, and it fits perfectly under our beds. I have three of these where I store a set of Bavarian china (I think 10 place settings) plus a lot of serving pieces.  These will be for my son when he gets his own home.  Also stored in these containers are some Christmas dishes, glasses, Lenox white plates and Butterfly Meadow plates.

Below is the china cabinet in our Dining Room.  The top section holds 12 place settings of our Royal Doulton china, plus the serving pieces.  It also holds most of our crystal stemware, and a few other odds and ends.

The bottom section holds several cake plates, some silver pieces, glass luncheon plates, crystal serving pieces like pickle dishes, relish dishes, etc., and a few Christmas pieces.

And finally, this chest holds most of my linens, but not all.  I don't have nearly as many as a lot of people do.  The chest belonged to my grandparents.

Place mats and napkins.

Table cloths and table runners.

Decorative kitchen towels, tea towels (holiday) and some miscellaneous linens.

I store our everyday dishes in the kitchen cabinets, with a few of the pretty pieces on the counter top.  Extra dishes and cooking utensils, picnic supplies, etc. are stored in cupboards in the basement.  I also store candles, votive holders, and bobeches in  a dresser in our spare bedroom. 

I'm linking to Seasonal Sundays hosted by The Tablescaper.  She's having a party called "Where Do You Keep It All, Part 2".  Thanks for visiting!



  1. Beautiful treasures AND QUITE NEAT STORING!! I love all your china, just beautiful! Love your hatchet with the clock and pretty transferware! I haven't showed where I keep it all cause I just get to overwhelmed by it! Thank you for sharing it with us. Hugs. FABBY

  2. You have gorgeous collection of china, really good quality. And I like the way you store them. I love your corner cabinet..Christine

  3. Wow, you are truly blessed to have such beautiful furniture pieces for the majority of your storage. Thank you for sharing your solutions and your collections. Cherry Kay

  4. Furniture storage is the best *sigh*...I have under-the-bed rolling rubbermaid containers for alot of my dish storage :-)

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Denise. I forgot to mention that I also have the Old Britain Castles set. I bought the cup and plate royal wedding souvenirs because they had my initials and birthday which was a great coincidence. I just had to have them when I saw them, ordered them straight from England...Christine

  6. Beautiful china -- I love the way you displayed it. I wish I had a place that would work that way.

  7. You have some lovely china patterns and your cabinets and drawers are beautiful! That corner cabinet was a treasure to receive!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow, I love your beautiful china...they look sooo delicate and pretty and I'm loving your gorgeous corner cabinet...everything looks so nicely organized... I understand all about the "tablescaping bug" and can relate to it as well. After blog hopping around, it bit me as well and there is no escaping it now, lol!! I like your style of writing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for your sweet comment on my treasures. Have a lovely day!~Poppy

  9. I was here the other day, but blogger wouldn't let me leave a comment.
    Love all your storage, beautiful pieces! And your roses are just beautiful!

  10. Hi Denise, thanks for your visit. I still like my pattern after all these years. However, I would not turn down a set of Mikasa Italian Countryside! :-) I am following your blog now. xo,



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