Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

We have had such a gorgeous Spring this year; it's just a wonder to behold.  I am so thankful for my many blessings -- among them, the gift of sight to be able to see and enjoy the beauty around us.  Sadly, North Carolina was hit with some devastating tornadoes last weekend -- a reported 62 of them according to our local news channel Monday night.  And as of last night, they counted 24 tornado-related deaths.  I imagine many families will have a very sad Easter this year.

I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday again this week.  I did a fairly simple table this time.  I re-used my place mats from last week because I think they look so Springy, and white goes with practically everything.  I also used the same dinner and salad plates.  Even used the same napkins, but I substituted sheer pink ribbon for the napkin rings from last week.  I also used pink goblets for this table, but the photographer was in such a hurry to start taking pictures, I hadn't put the glasses on the table yet.  Oh well, they're in some pictures and not in others.  Now you see you don't. :-)

It's nice to be able to re-use some basic things from one week to the next, and still finish with two completely different looks.

Instead of using flowers this week, I just put together an Easter-themed centerpiece with various colored eggs, fuzzy yellow chicks, and Lindt foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies nestled in shredded paper grass.

I bought the cake stand this year and the reticulated white bunny on top around two years ago.  I bought the small Victorian looking boxes last year at Michael's.

Most of the other stuff has been collected over the years.  The little train and the wind-up Peter Rabbit belong to our son.  When he was a toddler, we lived in a Craftsmen bungalow in Greensboro.  It had a huge dining room.  Because of that, we were able to put the extra leaves in this table, so it was a bit bigger.  I can still see that little toddler "cruising" around that big table holding on to the edges because he had just learned to walk.  One day I hope he'll pass these two things on to his children.  It's true that they're tiny treasures, but they hold lots of big memories, and they were given to him by his grandmothers.

The yellow basket sitting on top of the chest is the one and only thing I ever made in ceramics class.  I couldn't remember for sure, but I turned it over, and sure enough, there were my initials carved on the bottom.  My Mom and sister made such pretty things, but I just didn't have the patience for it.

The yellow, purple, and blue chicks on the egg plates were made by my Mother-in-Law.  When she visited France some years ago, they used these to cover the boiled eggs at breakfast in the morning.  I guess they were partly to keep your boiled egg warm and partly for decoration.

She thought they were so cute that she found a pattern and knitted some herself!

And again, they're special because she made them.  The colorful eggs in the rabbit container and also nestled into the grass on the cake stand were made for me by the mother of one of my dearest friends.

They're are real eggs, which have been wrapped with men's silk ties and boiled.  They're so pretty and colorful -- thank you Kate and Amy!!

Finally, I wanted to be sure to include a reminder of why we celebrate Easter Sunday.

The praying hands were made for my husband when he was 12 years old by his grandmother.  She turned 95 this February!

Here are some more pics, and I look forward to seeing everyone's tables.

Have a blessed Easter!


"Christ the Lord is risen today,

On The Table:
Dinner Plates -- Lenox "Classic White"
Salad Plates -- Lenox "Butterfly Meadow"
Pink Goblets -- Belonged to my husband's grandmother (I don't know the maker)
Flatware -- Oneida Community "Tennyson"
Cake Stand and White Bunny in Centerpiece -- Home Goods
Green Bunny Platter -- Home Goods, Bordallo Pinheiro, Made in Portugal
Easter Egg Plates -- Gifts from my Mom and Mom-In-Law
Place Mats -- Home Goods last year


  1. Happy Easter Denise. Your table setting is very lovely.....very elegant. Love your dining room, the furniture is beautiful. The knitted chicks are adorable, I may have to get out the needles and yarn! Diane

  2. Hi there, Denise!!! You must have posted after I went online this morning. I went to TT and went straight to the bottom. I know those that get posted there are often overlooked, but I know there are always some wonderful treasures yours today! There are some very talented people in your family! First you with the ceramic basket, then the beautiful hands folded in prayer, then the fuzzy little egg covers. I am going to direct my sister to your post. I'm betting she will want to see those egg cozies. She knits, sews, crochets, quilts...all the things about which I have NO clue whatsoever. She's quite the crafty little thing, and I know she will go nuts over those. Maybe I'll have some in my Chrsitmas stocking this year! I love those placemats! The little flowers around the edge are just so delicate and sweet. I also really like that bunny in the centerpiece. He's just laying on his back with his little legs all up...looks like he's just tickled pink about something, laughing & laughing! I heard about all the devastation in NC, and my heart goes out to each and every family affected by the tragedy. I didn't think NC and the South really got that many tornadoes. We are quite accustomed to them here in the Kansas City area. Of course, nearly everyone has a basement stocked with a first aid kit, flashlight, crank-up weather radio and blankets. I actually considered adding motorcycle helmets to our stash to protect our heads! :-) I can't mention this on my own blog because my husband has yet to inform his current employers (some of his co-workers are followers on my blog), but we will be moving to Savannah, GA in a few weeks. He took a position at a pain management clinic there. I am currently looking for a home there. Will be making a trip or two there over the next few weeks to try and pin something down. It's kind of a nightmare. The real nightmare will begin when we start to try & pack up all my stuff!!!! :-) Even though we are keeping our home here "just in case" for awhile, I fully intend to bring ALL my decorative stuff. So if you see a caravan of Mayflower moving trucks on YouTube going across America, you'll know it's our stuff! I have yet to start on our Easter brunch table. Later today, I suppose. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter holiday! Your table is beautiful, and I'm sure everyone will enjoy! Take good care, and thanks for stopping by my blog to let me know you posted this week. I will go ahead and become a follower so I don't miss any future posts!

  3. Hi, Denise -- I'm traveling, so haven't been able to visit many tablescapes, so I'm glad you told me where to find yours this week! I really like your Easter table -- the soft touches of pink ribbon and those wonderful pink glasses are my favorite elements. The centerpiece is really cute, too!

  4. Hi lovely lady. I love your Tablescape for Easter sweet lady. I have you on by sidebar so I can see your new posing ~~~ Did you see my button on my Blog. I hope you have a Happy Easter with your lovely family.

  5. Denise, I am so glad I found you and could stop by for an Easter visit. YOur table is so pretty! Very sweet... like an Easter parade of darling details. I think your Easter train is so adorable.

    Thank you for sharing the bible and the praying hands! Bunnies are fun, but the true meaning of Easter is life changing!
    May you and yours have a blessed Easter!
    xo Yvonne

  6. Hi Denise, Your table is so wonderful. It captures the meaning of Easter. I love the pink ribbons and still very much love your placemats. They are so pretty. I love the train on the table! Truly artistic work abounds in your family. Those praying hands are quite amazing, as are the eggs, the cozies, and your bowl! Happy Easter and many blessings!

  7. Oh, I love your sweet tablescape for Easter. I specially love the things made by, mother, sister and hubby's grandma!...what a talented family! I love your place setting, your cute little bunny train and the pink glass bunny is my very fav! Thank you sooo very much for your lovely visit and sweet comments, you've made my Good Friday a happy one. Beautiful elements!!!
    Happy Easter.

  8. Hey, Denise! came through!!! Thank you for following, and I'll talk to you later!!!

  9. I just posted here, and then I got some oddball page by google saying there was a connection problem. I don't know if the other post is meandering about in cyber land or not.


    So that I don't repeat myself and have the other post show up, I'll just say that I really enjoyed this one, particularly all the family Easter treasures in the middle of it.

    I'm just not getting around to visiting after an Easter break. I'm so glad I didn't miss this one.

    I agree whole heartedly about liking it when you use some of the same elements and end up with a completely different table. I did that myself this weekend and ended up liking the second table better than the first.

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

    trying again...



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