Thursday, August 17, 2017

Updates and A Wedding

Hi friends!  Are you ready for summer to wind down and move into autumn?  Do you have school-age children, or perhaps college students, heading back to school?  I still can't believe our son is grown; we celebrated his 27th birthday last Sunday!  How time flies, and how I wish I could make it slow down sometimes.

I want to thank you for all the very kind comments you left on my last post regarding my dad.  You are all such a wonderfully supportive bunch.  My dad's surgery was successful with no unexpected complications.  As far as I know, he will be in a special section of the hospital for physical rehab patients for about eight weeks; we are coming up on the end of week two.  The folks who work there are so nice and capable, which does make life much easier than it might be otherwise.  My mom is staying there round the clock (they have a comfortable reclining chair in his room where she can sleep).  She goes home about twice a week to take care of laundry, mail, etc.  Their church and their neighbors have been wonderful, as well.

I'm trying to visit about every other day, and I think that's what my sister is doing as well.  She still works full-time, so I'm not sure what her schedule will be.  I know they'll need some help once they get home, so we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

In other news, my niece got married on August 5th.  They had a private ceremony in the park with just the bride and groom's parents attending.


We were all invited to the reception afterward at the park's community center.  This was the first wedding reception I've attended in years, and it was fun to see what young people are doing these days in that regard.  

The reception was a lot of fun because the bride and groom wanted it to be informal and relaxed, and it was.  We had fun, and it looked like everyone else did, too.

Always late to the party, I've recently started watching "Midsomer Murders" on PBS, Monday nights, and I'm really enjoying the show.  I'm also reading the books by Caroline Graham, on which the TV series is based.

Hal and I are also taking a five-week photography class on Macro photography, which started yesterday evening.  It's going to be a real challenge for me, I can tell.  Hal is the better photographer in our family, but he talked me into taking this class with him, so I'm going to give it my best shot (no pun intended).  😉

Thank you all for continuing to read House at Forest Manor.  This blog is such an outlet for my thoughts, and I hate I haven't been able to contribute much here lately.  I will have some more posts coming up very soon, however.  Thank you for your visit and sweet comments -- you really are the best!


XX Denise


  1. I've enjoyed Midsomer Murders now for quite a few seasons. Also recommend Grantchester if you haven't seen it, but best to start at the beginning with that one. PBS has so much good stuff, it is my go-to channel most of the time.

  2. We love Midsomer Murders and I'm always ready to watch them. We visited one of the pubs that they filmed at when we were in England. Fun times. Glad the wedding reception was fun and relaxed.

  3. It is fun to attend a wedding...such joyous times.

    Praying extra strength for your mom. Sleeping in a recliner is not very restful. What dedication and devotion to her husband. Praying that your dad continues to regain his strength and heals well.

  4. I'm glad to hear your father did so well. It's good he is in rehab and they will make sure he is doing all he should be to go home healthy. I hope your mom takes it easy and gets some good rest. Maybe we should try Midsomer Murders We're between series now.



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