Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Beauty of Christmas

Hello to you all!  I haven't published a single post this month, and before the blog pirates take over my blog, I thought I'd better put something up here.  
I love to blog during the Christmas season, but this year I just haven't gotten 'round to it yet.  I mentioned back in November that I would be hosting my side of our family here on Christmas day, so YIKES!  Things are coming together, but still a bit to be done.  I hope to share some pictures of the house in the next few days -- we shall see. 
In the meantime, if I may, I want to mention some of the people out there who have posted some really nice Christmas images and stories that I have so enjoyed.  Drop by and check them out if you have some time.  My friend Mike, who writes A Bit About Britain, wrote a post called "The A-Z of Christmas in Britain."  It's fun to read his take on the various traditions observed (or not) across the pond and our perceptions of what Christmas is like in Britain.  It's a long piece; you may have to read it in parts like I'm doing.  ;)
My friend Vee, at A Haven for Vee, wrote a wonderful post about a conversation with her 11-year-old grandson and his thoughts on Santa Claus.  So very relevant.
KariAnne at Thistlewood Farm wrote about a nativity set that her grandmother gave her for a wedding gift, and this post made me cry.  Such a good story!  My friend, Dotsie, who blogs at Podso, shared some interesting background about Charles Dickens and "A Christmas Carol," always one of my very favorite Christmas stories.  Betsy, at Estelle's blog, has shared some lovely vignettes, recipes, and Christmas memories from her home this year.
I love, love the way author and illustrator Susan Branch has decorated her historic home in Martha's Vineyard for Christmas.  Her decorations are traditional and classic, which will always be my favorite style.   
  Before I close today, I'll share a few pictures my husband took last week in historic Old Salem.  It was dark and had been raining, and the wet pavement reflected some of the lighting there.
This is a Moravian Christmas tree/pyramid.
My mom has a smaller version in her home --
Love these lanterns with real candles.
 Reflections on the wet pavement add a different kind of beauty.
An evening tour by lantern light.
The gift shop windows beckon to Christmas shoppers.
I thought this swag above the door was so pretty with all its natural elements.
Thank you so much for visiting during this busy time!  I hope you're finding merry and bright in your part of the world.


  1. Very Christmassy, Denise! Wonderful images, as usual. I popped in to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and see you've given my little project a mention - thank you very much xxx Have a wonderful time with the family and I hope the New Year brings you everything that's good.

  2. Thank you for the mention. ♥️

    I always love to visit you, Denise, and glad I am to find you here. Those Moravian trees are so lovely. We do not see them in my corner. Your decor is always elegant and beautiful. I hope that you are on the homestretch. Hosting at Christmastime is always busy and a labor of love. Sparkle on!

  3. Merry Christmas, Denise. So lovely to see you post. The Moravian trees or pyramids are lovely for featuring special ornaments. I've never seen them before. Enjoy the preparations for Christmas!

  4. How lovely Denise..thank you for the kind mention.....I so want to wish you the happiest of Christmas Day....hugs and blessings dear Denise!

  5. Denise, Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas. Thanks for mentioning Susan Branch. I have always loved her illustrations and her books, but for some reason didn't subscribe to her blog, so now I have thanks to you. Merry Christmas to you and family and Duncan..Judy

  6. Hi Denise! I loved seeing your pictures, and especially the Moravian pyramid, and your Mom's small version. I know this Christmas will be bittersweet for your family, but I hope you enjoy the memories and the special blessings of Christmas.



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