Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Catching Up From January

I'm behind on many of the things I want to write about because I took almost the whole month of January off.  I'm glad to be back, because I really missed blogging; but I also discovered the longer you stay away, the harder it is to start back.

I'm not typically a big celebrity watcher, but there were some big celebrity deaths in the news last month, and when this happens it often makes me aware of my own age and mortality.  Yes folks, the years are flying by.

In chronological order, the first of these celebrity deaths was David Bowie.  I was never a fan of his, but lots of people were.  David was 69 years old and died from cancer.

Four days later, one of my very favorite actors passed away -- Alan Rickman.  I will so miss his wonderful performances in the movies and television.  He, too, was 69 years old and died from cancer.  I had no idea he was sick, so the headline really threw me for a loop.  We're big Harry Potter fans here, and my husband and I saw him in every Harry Potter movie.

The first thing I ever saw him in was "Die Hard."  He wasn't supposed to be the main star -- Bruce Willis was, but Alan's villain, Hans Gruber, really stole the show.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good clip from YouTube that didn't have some bad words.  Oops.

Then we saw him as the evil Sheriff of Nottingham in the 1991 movie, " Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves," starring Kevin Costner.  Again, some would argue that Alan really stole the show.

Hal and I have been wondering, exactly what is a merciful beheading?  ;)

However, this was one of my favorite roles that he played --

Yes, Alan, you will be missed.

Last, but not least, I was shocked to read on January 18, that Glenn Fry, a founding member of the Eagles band had died.  Frey was 67, and he died from complications of rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, and pneumonia.  It's kind of funny, because I didn't hang out with the wild kids in school, and I took piano lessons and played in the school concert and marching band, but I still loved rock music.  The Eagles, Boston, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys.  What a combination, huh?  I was one that memorized all the lyrics and can still sing along (for the most part) today.

If you liked the Eagles music, I thought this piece was a fitting tribute to Glenn Frey, who sings lead vocal here.  "Already Gone" -- Rest in Peace, Glenn.

Thanks so much for visiting me!  I read every one of your comments, and they make my day.  :)  Have a great week!



  1. We are watching a Harry Potter dvd right now and yes we will miss Snape, Alan Rickman. Although we've read and seen every Harry Potter book/film our son in law is finally getting around to reading the books and every time he finishes the next book we all watch the dvd together. I enjoyed Rickman in the Die Hard movie and Sense and Sense and Sensibility...

  2. It was so good to see an email with your post in my inbox this morning, Denise. I was thinking about you last night and was going to email you to make sure everything was okay in your world.
    Yes, Alan Rickman was such a great character actor. I know all to well about people dying while too young.
    Happy week to you, Denise!

    1. Fun to think of the teenage you learning all the words. You know what? I am only vaguely familiar with any of these men, but I do think that 69 is too young to go.It is wonderful that they have a body of work to leave behind for others' enjoyment.

  3. That was a test. I have no way of knowing if the first comment went through. It was not as pedestrian as this one will be... I enjoyed this post!

  4. Love the Eagles! How sad that we losing the iconic entertainers of our generation. What is a merciful beheading? Henry VIII hired a French executioner with a very sharp blade to give Anne Bolyn a merciful beheading. Loved reading about the Biltmore. What a grand place, along with a fascinating story of its owners. Go Broncos.

  5. I certainly know what you mean. I was gone from November until recently and it is HARD to get started again! Welcome back! Wishing you a grand weekend!

  6. I loved the role Alan Rickman played in S and S. Your new header is pretty!

  7. Oh well, Allen Rickman was such a great character actor.
    I'm so glad you're back my friend. Welcome, you'll get back into things soon.
    I too were away a month last November to Miami for the birth of my new granddaughter and when I came back, I didn't even fix a C'mas tree. I barely fixed the house a little and that is not like me at all.
    Happy Valentine's,



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