Sunday, August 16, 2015

We're Alarmed!

Do you remember the episode of "Keeping Up Appearances" where Richard arranges to have a security system installed in the house for an anniversary gift to Hyacinth?  I thought it was a hoot.  :)  Anyway, Hyacinth had to brag to her neighbor, Elizabeth, and she said, "Elizabeth, I want you to be the first to know, I'm going to be alarmed.  Richard's going to alarm me for our anniversary."  Understandably, Elizabeth was a bit confused.  Silly, silly Hyacinth.

Well, I'm pretty sure we're not as pretentious as Hyacinth, but we've been alarmed here, too.  ;)  Before I go any further, this is not in any way a sponsored post.  Installing this system was something we did during my blog break, and I just wanted to share some of the details with you. 

I think no matter how big or small,


 for most of us,

 our home is our castle.  

 It's our retreat from the elements and we want it to feel safe.  Our parents have had alarm systems in their homes for several years now, but we've never had one.  Honestly, we never felt the need for one.  But the last few years or so, I've been giving it some thought.  We do hear of more and more burglaries and worse, home invasions when the owners are actually at home.  From what I've seen, no neighborhood is really immune from this.

I called our insurance agent several weeks ago to inquire about adding some items to our homeowners' policy, and I mentioned home security systems.  He told me about SimpliSafe® as an affordable option, but also one that he's heard good things about.  One of the things that makes SimpliSafe® more affordable than many systems is that you install it yourself.  It's wireless and operates with a cell phone system; that's what makes it easy to install.  Since Mr. Forest Manor is very handy with things like this, I mentioned it to him.  We researched it online and were impressed with what we read.

We ordered our kit online, and it took us about an hour to install it.  Our kit looked basically like the picture below,


but ours included a few more pieces.  This picture came from the website.  You can also order the kits from Amazon, but we ordered ours from SimpliSafe®.  In addition to saving on installation fees by installing it ourselves, we feel like our monthly fee is very competitive.  Once the components were installed, we tested them and certified them online, and SimpliSafe® set up our account for Emergency Dispatch and monitoring.  My husband can check our account online for activity, which we've found to be very handy.  

The basic pieces we started with are this keypad, which we installed next to the door we normally use everyday.

We installed three of these entry sensors at different doors throughout the house.

We installed the motion sensor in our den.

We put the 105 decibel siren,

and the smoke detector (which alerts the local fire department) in our main hallway.  We also received a keychain remote, a sign for outdoors, and two stickers for our windows with this kit, which was a mid-range kit.  You can order extra components to customize your system for your home and personal needs.  After we installed the initial components, we ordered a second keychain remote and a few more pieces to add to our system.

Believe me, I know that nothing is infallible or can completely guarantee our safety.  But I have to say, I do feel better knowing that we've taken some steps to try and insure our home is protected.  It seems that burglars prefer to steal electronics and jewelry,

but I also think of the more important things, like people and pets, that can't be replaced.

My sister recently got a home security system; her home was burglarized several years ago, and it was an unnerving experience.  Her friend's daughter and son-in-law's home was robbed while they were on vacation.  They live in an expensive neighborhood with plenty of houses around, but they still got burglarized.  The police officer who answered their call told them they should do two things -- get a home security system and get a dog (the original home security system).  :)  He said that a large dog outside the house is actually more of a deterrent than a security system.

For the record, I've never been afraid to stay here by myself.  My husband traveled a lot with his job when we first moved into this house, and he and Will were gone for two weeks when they went to Philmont Scout reservation many years ago.  Of course, I had Mr. MacDuff here with me then, too.  But times change, and I think having some extra protection gives us more peace of mind.

Do you have a security system in your home?  Have you had it a long time?  I hope you've all had a good weekend and thanks so much for visiting me!  I have really missed blogging, and once you are away for a little bit, it's hard to get back in the swing of things.  I'm looking forward to fall, how about you?

Best wishes,



  1. So glad that you have a good security system. Your system looks like my son's and he is very pleased with his. He installed his.
    My security system is two big dogs. Especially the Border Collie, he really gets after it if he doesn't know them.

    I was attacked in my apartment and would have been raped and possibly killed except I had enough sense to scream bloody murder. My son caught up with him and I identified him, but the trial was a hung jury. So he was back on the streets again. He raped another young woman who lived across the street. To make a long story short he is in Mule Creek Prison -he raped 16 women . That is why I have my dogs.

    Duncan looks so cute. He is being a good boy?
    Have a great week.

  2. Hi Denise! Oh, congratulations on being alarmed! :) While we lived in Texas we did have an alarm system. My hubby did travel a lot and I do get scared at night. Just a little afraid of the dark! We couldn't leave anything outside on the porch or in the yard - it would be stolen! But where we live now we do feel safe and do not have an alarm. I know all neighborhoods are not exempt from crime. Your new system sounds great that is seems so easy! :) Now you're safe and I love your little watch dog.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I'm impressed that you installed everything yourselves and that it gives you some peace of mind. We don't have a dog but we do have a U.S. Marine living with us! Have a wonderful week Denise!

  4. We've been "alarmed" for several years, did not install it ourselves, but have been surprised when we forget to disarm it. Have a wonderful week!

  5. I don't have an alarm but I do have two pit bulls so I figure we are safe. I hope you are too.

  6. I do. And a big sign on the front door that says so. And a killer cat! =D

    We were blessed to live in a community where people left their doors unlocked; now we have many "new" people who seem to have no compulsions about not entering a home that is not their own. These types really offend me. We also support those who have gun permits.

    I have heard your system being advertised on some radio talk shows. Glad to know that it is a good and affordable one.

  7. Good for you, Denis, and lucky that your hubby could do the installation. I don't have an alarm, but if my son ever moves out, I will definitely get one. Thanks for the information.

  8. Hi Denise. Glad you are back and I know when my Dad was burglarized years ago, it was such a bad feeling just thinking about someone going through your things. He did put a system in place after that but then promptly forgot to arm it so I don't think he really ever used it. We used to feel pretty safe when we had Buddy, he had a very big bark, but I don't think Kai will be scaring off too many things. My husband is of the old school and has a baseball bat sitting by the door. It might do the trick but doesn't do much for decor purposes..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  9. Interesting post. I'm glad you could install it yourself and now feel more secure. It was interesting to see all the components.

  10. Hi Denise. I am blogging from a lap top now, so perhaps I can do better at commenting. I did most of it on my iPad, but some blogs don't load quickly or at all on the iPad, making it hard to comments.So here I am now. Our house does have an electronic security system, an old and out dated one. The house was built in 1996, so who knows when the system was installed. We have not activated it since we have always felt safe, but there are times when I wonder if we shouldn't. I like the your system that is self installed and wireless. The fees must be affordable. Now you rest assured that your home is safer. How is Duncan? Is he calming down? Boone, still wild, is beginning to listen when spoken to.



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