Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Fall Roses

The leaves are turning beautiful autumn russets and golds and starting to fall faster now.  The grass looks like green velvet around them.  There's a definite nip in the air, and we have freeze warnings in our area through tonight.  Yet, there's one sweet reminder of past spring days beside our front porch --

Our David Austin rose had its second blooming in October.  The "Gertrude Jekyll" has been putting out blooms over the last week or two, though not as prolific as in the spring.  Mr. Forest Manor mentioned today that there were several buds and one fully opened bloom, and that I might want to cut them to enjoy in the house.  Well of course I would.  :)

I counted six buds on the bush, but I only cut four.

Close-up shots show off the slight ruffle of the multiple petals.

This sweet English rose brings me so much pleasure each year; I wish we had a yard full of old garden roses.

More pictures were taken this morning...

as this room gets the soft, morning sunlight.

This is why I love fall in North Carolina; colorful leaves are scattered around the yard, yet we still had these rose buds and a bloom, even after Friday night's cold temperatures.  It helps that this climbing rose grows against our house, where it's protected from the first cold spell.

Besides bringing beauty and fragrance into the house, the flowers gave me a chance to practice my photography.  ;)

Thanks for visiting me -- you're much appreciated.  What blooms are left in your garden?  I hope you've had a beautiful fall weekend!




  1. That's a beautiful rose, Denise. Somewhat to my surprise (because I know little of such things), we still have roses in our garden too; don't ask me what they are, but they look very nice! We've had a relatively easy autumn so far in our part of the world - temperatures in single figures and plenty of late, glowing, sunshine which brings out the best in the colours. Frost is rare before November round here, but the bushes are heavy with berries - that's supposed to be a sign of a bad winter ahead, isn't it?

  2. A beautiful rose for sure. You got it in some very nice light, too. Hope all is well. Have a great week!

  3. Your rose is lovely...hope that all the buds flower, too. Believe it or not, I also have some rosebuds in the garden that I hope will bloom despite the frosty weather.

  4. Your rose is beautiful as is your photography. Love your front porch pic in your header. I wish I could see the pretty fall color in North Carolina. We don't get pretty color here really and it is early yet for us. We do have a tiny nip in the air and gorgeous sunshine.
    You should plant some more roses. You must have just the right conditions for them.

  5. Hi Denice! Your rose is most gorgeous and you did a beautiful job of photographing it. so nice you will get to enjoy a few more blooms from your buds.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shleia ;)

  6. My roses are in their last bloom, too. They are so lovely. I will miss them. I haven't picked any. They seem perfectly happy to greet me as i come in the house. Yours is beautify and looks so pretty in front of the mirror in a glass vase.

  7. How pretty is that rose, Denise! I hope the buds open and you have more to enjoy. I have one hydrangea that's blooming at the moment. This is only the second blossom on the plant. I have another bush that hasn't bloomed at all. Maybe they're in the wrong spot?
    Enjoy the last of your flowers and the beautiful trees!!

  8. Such a pretty rose, Denise. That shade of pink is so pretty. Roses are blooming here, too and I'm thinking of cutting them for the house. Love your photos of the rose and vase in the mirror.



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