Sunday, March 17, 2019

Small Changes in the Living Room

Today, I'm sharing a few recent changes to our living room.  Actually, they're more additions than changes.  
I mentioned in my previous post that my husband's great-aunt Dorothy passed away last month.  Aunt Dot and her husband never had children, and all of her siblings are gone, but she does have remaining nieces and nephews and their spouses and children.  Anyway, with the exception of specific items that Aunt Dot may have designated to go to a particular person, it was decided that the contents of her house would be divided among the remaining three nieces and three nephews.
Since my father-in-law is one of the nephews, he and my mother-in-law chose some items for themselves and for me and my sister-in-law.  I had never expected to get anything from Aunt Dot's house, so I was surprised (and very appreciative) for my in-laws' generosity.  My mother-in-law chose some things she thought I would like based on my decorating style, and she chose well.  😃
My sister-in-law and I both got a tall plant stand (fern stand), which I will show in a future post.  I haven't placed it in its' spot yet, so more on that later.  Then my mother-in-law picked out some blue and white porcelain pieces for me, because Dorothy had a lot of these in her home.  Dot had a lovely home and very nice furniture and accessories, so again, I feel lucky to receive anything.  
I received two of these needlepoint pillows, and I can't believe how perfectly they match our living room sofa.  My MIL said she thought they would match, and she was right!  We got this sofa back in 1991, so I know it looks dated now.  At that time, the chintz fabrics were popular, as well as blues and mauve's, and I really liked those colors.  I still love this sofa, as it reminds me of a sofa you might find in an English cottage.  Anyway, the great thing is that I had been looking for two matching pillows for this sofa for awhile now and hadn't had any luck.  Thank you Diane, for picking these out!
Here's a closeup; I love these pillows.  
I also received this Waterford bowl -- my one and only piece of Waterford.  😊
I really like the scalloped rim and the footed base.
I also got this lovely ginger jar with an interesting shape -- so pretty, and it's perfect for this spot.  I've always had a hard time deciding what to put here in the past.  My MIL picked out a few more pieces of blue and white porcelain, which I'll share later because I'll be putting them in the guest bedroom.  Lastly, she brought me four Spode plates from the Blue Room Collection, and I love them!  I ordered a fifth plate on Etsy today, so that I can hang them above this table where I have five other blue and white plates at the moment.  I'll be moving those plates to other rooms.
  Methinks I might have overdone the blue and white in our living room.  I purchased some in Charleston last year because they had some pieces for great prices at the old city market.
I bought the ginger jar above in Charleston and the small bowl at HomeGoods.
I also got this reticulated bowl with the pineapple motif in Charleston.
I found this wee square bowl with the bee motif in Charlottesville, Virginia, a few years ago.  I can't buy any more blue and white or I might have to enter a 12-step program.  😏
I'm anxious to see how the Spode plates and the plant stand will look in here.  Once I get those arranged, I'll share pictures here.  
I'll be joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for her Met Monday party tomorrow.  Thank you for stopping by House at Forest Manor, and have a great Monday! 


  1. I love all of these pieces. Can't believe how well the pillows match your sofa. Looks like you found a good spot for all of them. Love, Mom

  2. What beautiful treasures you inherited from Aunt Dot! The pillows look great on your sofa and I like the Chintz. I think that Chintz is on its way back in style but I'll have to admit that I never lost my love for it.



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