Friday, July 8, 2016

New Curtains

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you've all had a good week.

I want to give you a quick glimpse of the new curtains I purchased for our guest bedroom.  It seems I just keep working on this room, don't I?  ;)  I really am almost done until the time when we can get it repainted.  At that point, I'll have the wallpaper (and the corkboard between the windows) removed, but for now, I'm close to being done.

There are still some wrinkles in these from the packaging.  I went ahead and hung them yesterday thinking I would steam the wrinkles out last night.  However, I quickly became frustrated with our steamer and decided it would be just as easy to iron them after all.  I just hate to take them back down.  Sigh.  I have some other things to do today, so I thought I 'd let them hang for a few days and see if some more of the wrinkles won't fall out on their own.

They're not hanging just right at the moment because of the wrinkles, and also I plan to tie them back like this picture from the Country Curtains catalog --

Yes, this is another pair of curtains from Country Curtains.  I've found their curtains to be of dependably good quality, and while they're not cheap, they're less expensive than having curtains custom-made for our house.  No compensation here; this is not a sponsored post.  I just really love this company's products.  :)  This ball fringe style is one of Country Curtains earliest styles, and they just recently brought it back.  I'm so glad they did!!  I'd been trying to decide what type of curtains to buy for this bedroom; I just knew that I wanted full-length curtains this time around.  I purchased the tie-backs and plan to tie mine back like these in the picture, the difference being that mine are floor length panels.

You may recall these were the curtains that were in the bedroom.  They were hand-me-downs from my mom, and they hung here all the while our son was growing up (this used to be his bedroom).  They've been good curtains, but this ruffled, swag style is seriously outdated at the moment.  By the way, these are also Country Curtains.  Like mother, like daughter.  :)

I really am excited about these curtains.  I knew I would need solid-colored panels because of the wallpaper and also because my winter bed linens have a pattern.  Obviously, I didn't want things to clash.  The ball fringe trim dresses these panels up a bit and keeps them from being just "plain curtains."  I chose the natural shade to go with the paint trim in this room and also with the summer bedspread.

So there's another thing to mark off on my checklist for this room.  I'll show you updated pictures once I have the curtains ironed and tied back.  In the meantime, thank you so much for visiting, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I really appreciate you reading "House at Forest Manor."




  1. I love Country Curtains, but they are pricey. Things of good quality usually are. Everything looks so nice in the guest room.

  2. Fun curtains for sure. I'll have to google Country Curtains and see their stock. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. It all looks lovely, Denise - as usual. But you've reminded me about the terrible old joke - a man visits the doctor and says he's worried because he keeps thinking he's a pair of curtains. "Oh come on, man - pull yourself together". Sorry...

  4. Lovely looking curtains, sounds like you might have to get the iron out though. I think they will be nice with tie backs as in the source photo.
    I usually end up ironing my tablecloths and would sure like one of those wide boards some day.



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