Monday, March 24, 2014

Progress With Duncan

A lovely morning to you all!  I hope to enjoy this pretty day before the nasty weather rolls in again tomorrow.

I removed the posts I published last Friday because I was worn out and very frustrated with Mr. Duncan, and I was doing some serious venting on my blog.  I think I was starting to develop a twitch like Chief Inspector Dreyfus...

Now that I think about it, I probably should have watched a few "Pink Panther" movies to help restore my good humor.  :) 

What I did instead was to purchase a book on understanding and training your dog that was recommended to me by another dog owner at the vet on Friday afternoon.

I can honestly say this book gave me some very helpful insight into how dogs think and what causes them to behave as they do.  You see, it's been 26 years since we've had a puppy as young as Duncan.  MacDuff was around four months old when we got him, and he was natured a bit differently from Duncan and our first Scottie.

I'm not being compensated in any way to endorse this book, but I really would recommend it to dog owners.  I haven't completely finished reading it yet, but I've already gotten advice on what to do about puppies who chew on electrical cords (that would be our Duncan).  Mr. Kilcommons also addressed the problem we're having with biting, which professionals refer to as mouthing in puppies.  I do understand why they do it, but their little teeth are razor sharp, and it hurts.

I also gained some new tips on house training and crate training, some of which I'll use, in addition to doing what has worked well for us in the past.  Duncan has made some serious progress with his house training over the weekend.  I think he was already starting to connect the dots, and it was really obvious the last few days.

Another thing we got this weekend is a doggy playpen --

I already love this playpen!  It's very well made, and it stores flat for storage or travel.  I love the little arched door.  Maybe I'll put a little plaque on there with his name and some flower boxes on either side.  Just kidding.  :-D

You can see Himself inspecting the latches.  The latches can be locked from the outside and you can purchase a mesh "roof" for the playpen if your dog is climbing or jumping out of it.  Since it's three feet tall, that's not a problem here -- yet.  :)  The playpen has really come in handy when I need to be in another part of the house for a few minutes.  I don't have to worry about him grabbing an electrical cord while I'm out of the room.  He fusses for a few minutes when I first put him in, and then he usually ends up laying down and taking a nap.

So that's it for now.  I haven't had time to do any seasonal decorating or anything like that, but soon, I hope.  What have you been working on lately?  I'd love to hear from you!

'Bye for now from Duncan and I.



  1. Denise, he is darling - that sweet little face. Remember he is just a baby and your his mom. They are like little children when they are that little. So glad that you got the book and it is helping. They are into everything at that age, but things will work out. I think the play pen will work out fine for you. Give little Duncan a big hug.
    Have a great week and hopefully this is the last bad weather your going to have.

  2. Duncan is so adorable. So is Boone, but a wee bit larger. A doggie playpen would not hold him. We just have a lot of patience. We forget that they are just babies. Boone is making some progress, but he has so much energy it is hard to get him to pay attention. In a year or so we will compare notes and see that we have made so much progress in our training. Funny story. We have a rental and the lady came and paid her rent. Boone got hold of the check. I had to call her back and tell the dog ate her check. Thankfully she has a dog and a good sense of humor. As teachers, we hate that old excuse. Was pretty embarrassing for me.

  3. I can't give any puppy advise but I admire your dedication and patience. Cute playpen.

    My sister is going through the same thing about cords being chewed by her puppy.He looks full grown to me. She had to replace her laptop plug for her Mac around $80.00.

  4. Aw, look at that face! Glad you found a book that's helpful and it's great of you to share for others that may need it too:@)

  5. Oh, I'm glad it's going a bit better. Good for you to find a resource to help. Love the "playpen." Wish young moms used them still for their babies! I'm not sure I could be "on duty" all the time like they are with little ones roaming freely! But anyway, glad things are better … quite the weather we've been having, right?

  6. Little Duncan is a complete doll! I'll bet he'd love for you to read to him! :)
    Be a sweetie,

  7. Trying again with morning's sunlight...perhaps it will help...

    Duncan is so darling. Sorry that he is also being a puppy. Ha! Glad that you have both the bookmand the play area for him. My grand beagle loves his crate and sends himself to it whenever he's feeling anxious. It did not surprise me that Duncan had himself a little nap.

  8. Oh, it looks like you found a great book to help you with your darling Duncan, Denise. The play yard looks like such a great idea and I'm sure is very helpful for you. Duncan really is such a cutie and I'm sure the time will fly by until he's fully trained. Best of luck, my sweet friend! xo

  9. I'm so glad things are getting a little better. I just read the post you deleted since it was still on my Feedly acct. I can totally relate. Willow was the same way. It took her a while but I think it was our fault. Maybe the help of a book like the one you mentioned would have helped us. I hope things continue to go well for y'all. At least he's cute. That always works in their favor.

  10. Oh I had to stop by for my Duncan fix! Both of our fur boys were adopted as older dogs as was my golden retriever,Peaches. I have never dealt with a puppy but Mr. Decor would like our next doxie to be a female puppy so that he can train her as a comfort dog for the veteran's hospital. So, I am highlighting this book.



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