Thursday, October 17, 2019

A Peek at the New Den Floor

Hello friends!!  Are you having a good week?  As we used to say in the office, "It's Friday's Eve."  😁  I've popped 'round to share a few quick things with you before the weekend is truly here.  My dear hubby will be home Friday through Monday, and we're hoping to get some things done around here.
Just a few peeks at the new den floor -- yes, I know it's dark.  I knew that it would be.  But it really is much prettier in person than in the pictures.  I promise.  😊  This room is always a challenge for photography because there is very little natural light in here until late afternoon.  Even then, it's not so good until the leaves fall off the trees.  The downside of owning a 70's home, but it is what it is.
Above is an unedited picture, and you can really get a better view of the true finish on these floors.
When we first moved here 23 years ago, I didn't care for this paneling.  I thought maybe we would someday have it painted, but we've decided we'll leave that decision for the next owner.  Over the years, we've gotten used to the paneling, and I really can't imagine it painted now.  Also, it is real wood and not that fake paneling that was so prevalent in the 1960's and '70's.   
I'll tell you a little secret; English country/English cottage is my favorite style of home decor.  I love it and have for many years.  So rather than fighting the look of this stained paneling and rather dark room, I've embraced it and tried to create our own English country room here.  This room is at its best in fall and winter, and I try to make the most of that.
I decorated the top of the chest a little differently this fall.  You can see last year's look Here.  It's hard to see in this picture, but on top of the books, I have a stack of brown transferware saucers with a glass cloche on top.  To the left is a copper pitcher that I purchased last week while out with my mom.  I doubt it's real copper, but I love the look of it anyway.  My mom dried those limelight hydrangeas from the hydrangea bush in her yard, and I think the color looks nice with the copper color of the pitcher.
Here's a view of the opposite corner.  I'm anxious to show you the whole room, but I've got a few more things to finish first.  It's never done, is it?  On the wall, you can see the Charleston canvas my husband gave me last Christmas.  He had this made from a photo he took on one of our visits there.
The thimble collection that used to hang here has been moved to the guest bedroom.  I'll share the rest of this room as soon as possible. 
In other news, my mom and I saw the Downton Abbey movie last week.  It was great fun to go to the matinee together, and we both loved the movie!  In our opinion, Julian Fellowes did not disappoint.  In the past year, my mom has really discovered British TV.  She binge-watched "Downton Abbey" and after that, "Call the Midwife."  Now she's on to "Poldark."  I've got to get on the ball if I want to keep up with her.  😉  
I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the lovely autumn weather.  The season is already flying by, and I feel the holidays looming.  Yikes!  Thank you so much for your visit and have a great weekend!!


  1. Oh I bet you are happy with the decision not to paint the wainscoting. It looks so nice and really lends itself to the English Cottage look you enjoy. Dark rooms can be such a challenge, yet they are cozy beyond words. I have decided not to fight my dark rooms, even if I must put on a lamp during the day.

    1. Me too, Vee! I love cozy rooms with lamplight, especially when the days are short during the cold months.

  2. I think the wood wainscoting is very English Country and although I love slapping white paint on almost everything, you made a good choice. Love transferware, yet I own very few pieces (like one)! Might be time to remedy that.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I am in love always, your home is just so lovely, warm and inviting...You have a delightful style of tradtional with a touch of the Williamsburg look....I adore your new flooring! Warm hugs from me to you!

  4. What a comfortable room you have designed! The warmth is evident! Thank you for haring and have enjoy your weekend!



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