Friday, August 18, 2017

A Family Wedding

My niece, Anna, and her fiancee, Justin, tied the knot on Saturday, August 5th.  My mom's good friend and neighbor, Susie, took care of the decorations for the private ceremony and the reception that followed.  I thought everything looked so pretty!

Susie used potted plants from her own yard, in addition to silk flowers.

This was one of two huge shamrock (Oxalis) plants that Susie brought to adorn the reception hall.

Gourmet popcorn was available in galvanized buckets with these pretty paper bags for serving.  Such a cute idea!!

Hal took this picture from the side, so it's kind of hard to see.  It's a tree with coral and white leaves, painted on canvas.  Underneath the tree it reads Anna and Justin, August 5, 2017.  There's a pen for each guest to sign his/her name on a leaf, and Anna and Justin will hang it in their home.  Anna got this variation on a guest register from Etsy.  I love it!

Anna loves Pinterest, and she's all about the mason jars, burlap, and chalk boards.

I loved this cake; the middle layer looked like it was covered with ruffles.

The bottom layer was devil's food cake and the middle layer was red velvet.  The top layer was saved for their first anniversary.

The limelight hydrangeas on each table came from my mom and Susie's yards.  After the deer ate five of Susie's blossoms off the bush, she went to extreme measures to keep them away.  Nothing to harm them, though -- just Liquid Fence spray and Christmas lights on the bush.  😃  The other flowers also came from Susie's yard; she has a true green thumb and a beautiful yard.

They had a light meal catered, consisting of barbecue, cole slaw, potato salad, and baked beans.  Barbecue is a popular choice for summer events in North Carolina.  😎

We're wishing Anna and Justin every happiness as they move forward in their life together.  I appreciate Hal taking so many great pictures for us.  Anna hired a photographer to do people pics, and Hal was kind enough to get photos of the reception hall, gifts, flowers, and food.

Thank you for visiting me today!  I hope you're enjoying these last days of summer and hope you have a great weekend!

All the best,



  1. Wonderful. Barbecue sounds real good to the celebration!

  2. Congratulations to your niece! A beautiful bride and a beautiful wedding too!

  3. Weddings are wonderful events for highlighting creativity. Congratulations to the happy couple!

  4. Many blessings to the newlyweds! Always fun to see the decor and the bride's dress and the joy on each face. Hope that I get to attend a wedding soon!

  5. I LOVE weddings, Denise, and it was fun seeing this one. Congratulations to the happy couple. Thank you for sharing the flowers, food, and all the lovely decor. The tree idea is wonderfu!
    P. S. I hope all is well with your dear dad.



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