Friday, February 5, 2016

Super Bowl 50

Well folks, only two more days until the big game, and I'm on the horns of a dilemma.

My favorite quarterback for years, Peyton Manning, is playing for the Denver Broncos.  Often, I tend to follow individual players rather than teams, and such is the case with Peyton.  He's had an amazing (and lengthy) career, and most people say this will be his last chance to win another Super Bowl.  He is the oldest quarterback to play in a Super Bowl.  He's played in three Super Bowls, but only won one.

Now I like Peyton Manning for a number of reasons.  He's a consummate athlete, breaking many records during his career as a pro-quarterback.


He (and his brother, Eli) seem to be fine southern gentlemen from a fine family.  Last, but not least, he has a wicked sense of humor, does our Peyton.  ;)  You can tell he doesn't mind laughing at himself, but when it's game time, the laughter is gone and the serious, ultra-competitive Peyton takes the field.  It's been said that when you have Peyton on your team, you not only have a quarterback, but a coach as well.

I personally love his dead-pan sense of humor, which can be seen in his Nationwide commercials, as well as some of his older commercials.  He's hosted Saturday Night Live a few times, and I was amazed at how funny he was.

Here's a video (about three minutes long) showcasing Peyton the comedian.  It's a compilation of some of his funniest commercials that I found on YouTube.

The next video is Peyton's famous locker room dance scene from SNL.  The coach is trying to raise the basketball team's moral at halftime by doing a cheerful ridiculous dance.  Enjoy!

Now, my dilemma this year is that our home team, the Carolina Panthers are going to the Super Bowl.  To be perfectly honest, I've never been a big fan of the Panthers because after playing in one Super Bowl early in their career, their record has been spotty, at best.  I know it's terrible not to support your own team, but I also think it's because they're still a relatively new team, compared to some of my other favorite teams like the Green Bay Packers.  But I must tell you, that after watching those Panthers play this season, I'm hooked.  I'm a bona fide fan now.  Watching this team play together is electrifying; they truly seem to play as a team, and they've been playing ten feet above the ground this year.  They've been nicknamed the "Cardiac Cats" because they'll keep you on pins and needles 'til the very end of the game.

As far as the quarterback, I didn't care much for Cam Newton originally.  He seemed cocky and self-absorbed in his first few years.  After being seriously injured in a car accident a few years ago, people say he's really changed -- for the better.  He's known for his effusive, some would say excessive, celebrating when his team makes a good play.


Boy, you can tell he's having fun out there, though.  He cracks me up on the sideline and in the huddle just chomping away on his chewing gum.  I've never seen him play a game without it.  He and the team have our fans so energized, it's great fun to watch the games.  I hope they make us proud on Sunday by playing well and being good sports in the process.


I also like the Panthers' coach, Ron Rivera.  He has a calm and professional demeanor on the field, and I like to see that in a coach.  He's done wonders with this team, and he seems to be well-loved and respected.

So, who will I be rooting for on Sunday?  By all accounts, it's going to be a close match-up.  The Broncos and the Panthers have the two top defensive lines in the NFL this year.  The old saying in football is that offense wins games, but defense wins championships.  I'm pulling for the Panthers, but it's going to be a hard game to watch.  My parents are pulling for Peyton, and my sister is pulling for the panthers.  I wish both teams could win.  I know one thing for sure; I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the local sports bars, restaurants, and pubs around North Carolina Sunday night.  The excitement is going to be through the roof.  Hal and I, however, will enjoy watching in the comfort of our home, where we can pause and re-wind if necessary.  ;)

Have you got your snack food smorgasbord ready yet?  Mary at Home Is Where The Boat Is, another North Carolina blogger, has a great post today about the game and she shares a great idea for making football cake pops.  She always features the most creative ideas on her beautiful blog.

Thanks so much for your visit -- I really appreciate your interest.  I won't be doing one of these type posts again for awhile (I don't think) because they take too long to research and download pictures.  ;)  Football is really the only sport I get excited about watching on TV, and I just couldn't resist writing about this year's Super Bowl.  May the best team win!!



  1. Sounds as if this will be a win-win year for you! ☺

  2. When your state team is playing why not make a big deal about it! I'm not invested one way or another this year but I hope to see a good game.

  3. Your enthusiasm shines through in this post, Denise. This should be a good game and we are looking forward to it. I have to admit we'll be rooting for the Panthers. I, too, am impressed by what Ron Rivera has done with this team and Cam... well he sure does add a lot of fun to the mix.

  4. It should be a very exciting game Denise-enjoy:@)

  5. Certainly the Broncos are the underdog and they have had a very odd season. Colorado has turned orange; it is a crazy state to be in. No doubt in my mind as to whom I will be cheering on. This Denver team has a focus and a determination to win this time. It is a totally different team than the one that lost two years ago. Still Newton and his offense are dangerous, but do they have the focus and grit that it will take beat Denver's Big D? I hope so. I loved your post Denise. Either way, you are a winner.

  6. I don't think you are the only one conflicted. So many love Peyton Manning for his character and his faith and his talent among other things! Not football fans here but this is definitely one we'll be watching.

  7. Very well said! I loved the videos, I hadn't seen any of those. I feel exactly the same way you do.....and I too will be pulling for the Panthers. Should be a great game. Love you, Mom

  8. You did a great job on this post but I can see it took some time!
    Just stopping by to say hello. Time is passing so fast and I can't keep up. Think about you and hope you are well.



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