Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Coastal Beauty

On impulse I decided to work on my picture-taking-from-the-car skills.  ;)  The last time I really tried that was several years ago when we were in the Amish country with our son on a cub scout trip.  We were blazing through driving through the Amish countryside in a charter bus, and I tried to take some pictures of the farms and barns and clothes hanging outside on the line.  They were not my best pictures ever.

I think I had better luck this time.  It helps when you're not going as fast and you don't have a bus full of noisy boys.  ;)

A view of the marshes at low tide as we crossed over the bridge connecting the island to the mainland.

I love the different shades of the grasses here -- varying shades of green and brown.

I think this was my best effort, by far.  Actually, I was pretty excited with the way it turned out.  Cameras have certainly improved over the years (and maybe I have too).  Do you see the two egrets in the water in the lower right foreground?  I love that sparkling blue water.

Part of a house peeking through the trees on the golf course...

 Yikes -- how did that get in here?  ;)  Behold, the North Carolina state flower.  Oh I know all the books list our state flower as the dogwood, and that is our official state flower.  However, the orange and white barrel and/or cone is our unofficial state flower.  They're planted artfully along the roads from the mountains to the coast.  Admit it -- you're envious, you know you are.  :)  This is one of the downsides of a state that's growing very quickly; according to statistics, our larger cities are the third fastest-growing in the nation.  A good thing and a not-so-good thing.  No matter, I still love North Carolina.  My roots are here; except for a six-month period when I was in high school, I've lived here all my life.

How is your week so far?  I hope you're enjoying this last week of May and that life is treating you well, my friends!  Thank you for visiting!




  1. Great photos, Denise. I really like the one of the house peeking through the trees.

  2. You got some good shots from the car! Glad you enjoy where you've been planted!

  3. I know how beautiful your state is, Denise, and how lucky you are to live there and enjoy the beauty. Where did you live for the six months when you were in high school?
    Enjoy your day!

  4. It's hard to take in that May is about over. Seems it went especially fast. Your through the moving car's window shots are great!



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